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Christmas wish comes true for James!

In leiu of gifts this year, we have decided to make Christmas extra special for one little boy.

James McCaffrey, who is six years old, has lived with severe cerebral palsy since his birth and as a result is wheelchair bound, but like any boy he loves getting outside to play. After making a wish to a volunteer in the community, James’ dream to have a specially adapted bike this Christmas came true thanks to the Doherty Group who gave the present of  a specially adapted bicycle to James in lieu of gifts to business customers.

Having been in business for 16 years Michael explained how times have not always been easy, but felt that at Christmas it was especially important to ‘give something back’, “This small gesture for little James made our day. When James was here on Tuesday with his parents to collect the trike, it was like Christmas morning. He was so excited and his parents where so appreciative. Doing things like this makes working worthwhile. I like to pass some of my luck onto others. My luck is all down to the team of good people I employ.”

The bike also provides an essential form of exercise for James to help build muscle strength, not to mention some welcome respite from the many physio and hospital appointments the primary 2 pupil regularly attends.

Patricia, James’ mother, explained, “It is already making a huge difference. He is flying on it and it gives him his own independence. He takes it to school during the week and is able to play on it at breaktime. He went to pick the bike and he knows what he wants. – It’s a very generous gift to our family and James and we are very thankful.”