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Michelin launches truck and bus tyre management Apps

Any transport operator worth their salt will know about the importance of correct tyre maintenance. Apart from safety and legality issues, incorrectly inflated tyres can have a very significant impact on fuel consumption, while a correctly maintained tyre is far less likely to fail, leading to expensive downtime for a truck or bus.

That said, manually monitoring all the tyres in a fleet can be a time-consuming task, particularly for larger fleets which Michelin aims to help. The French tyre giant has launched Michelin Tire Care, a range of digital solutions on Android and Apple platforms aimed at helping fleet owners, operators and end-users to quickly and accurately collect data, enabling them to monitor the condition of tyres on their vehicles at all times.

Initially there are three prongs to the Michelin Tire Care programme, TireLog, aimed at smaller fleets, and iCheck and iManage which the company says is ideally suited to larger fleets of over one hundred vehicles.

TireLog is a free to download App that offers a simple and efficient way to track tyres for fleets of fewer than twenty vehicles digitally rather than manually, and can record data such as mileage, rotations, re-grooving, re-treading and storage. Although measurements still have to be taken manually, TireLog provides an instantaneous and shareable overview of the fleet’s tyres, saving time, optimising maintenance planning, and simplifying decision making.

For larger fleets that have integrated tyre workshops, Michelin offers iCheck and iManage, subscription based services that offer predictive tyre diagnostics costing between €1 and €9 a month per vehicle. iManage offers additional functionality via the use of radio-frequency identification (RFID) and tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) technology to enable largely automated checking and maintenance of individual tyres.

Interestingly these technologies are compatible with rival competitor truck and bus tyres, meaning end-users can directly compare products – clearly Michelin is confident it will highlight the benefits of its premium products over cheaper brands.

Michelin also confirmed that RFID technology will be rolled out across the entire Truck and Bus tyre range by the end of 2016.

A more detailed overview of Michelin’s Tire Care programme will feature in the next issue of Fleet Transport magazine.

Article taken from www.fleet.ie