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Doherty Harvesting Ltd, 21 Gortrush Ind Est, Omagh, Co Tyrone

Formed in 2004, Doherty Harvesting is involved in a broad range of forestry services that include all-year round timber harvesting and extraction solutions and purchasing of timber from private

Doherty Harvesting main clients are large commercial timber processers including Balcas. However an increasing demand is coming from private farmers that wish to harvest planted areas with a no hassle solution. Doherty Harvesting offer the best prices to land owners to buy their timber.

Our expertise in difficult to reach areas along with dedicated highly skilled staff and a reliable service has been fundamental in the company growth.

Our current machinery stock of 4 Harvesters 1 Forwarder give us the ability to clear areas rapidly, and we have plans for expansion and growth in the near future.

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